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Glitter and other things

Posted 22/9/2016

So, my adventures with glitter. I contacted the company about buying a small amount of their biodegradable, cosmetic glitter and discovered that their idea of a small amount is a couple of kilos, of a single colour. So then I found an ebay seller and bought the tiny quantity that I needed. However, then I realised that if this lovely glitter were more readily available in Australia more people might stop using the polluting plastic variety and start using the biodegradable sort.  I imported a number of kilos of glitter and now sell it on ebay, on this website and in my etsy store.  It's priced so it's comparable to the plastic glitters because I really want ocean safe glitter to be used by anyone who loves glitter and wants a bit of sparkle in their lives.  As to the 'other things' of the title of this blog post, it's mostly about gearing up for the end of the year and wishing I had the time to play with all the soaping ideas I have.