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This logo is a representation of the tree of life which connects all forms of living things. The varied shades of green are because there are so many ways of living a 'green' and sustainable life.

 Merri Creek Soaps was born out of outrage, which does sound kind of negative but isn't necessarily so. Outrage is often a catalyst for change. I'd been reading labels a lot because I was trying to find palm oil free soap.  But along the way I kept coming across incomprehensible chemical compounds which I then had to google.  I realised that a lot of the eczema problems I had were caused by substances in the soap and shampoo that I was using.  Labels are great. We should all make sure to read them.

The compound that was the one too many was something that turned out to be sodium cyanide and formaldehyde.  I could see no reason why something like that would be good to use on the semi permeable membrane that is our skin. (I discovered that its purpose is to keep your bath or shower clean - yay for efficiency?) 

I also discovered that a lot of so called 'Australian made' sustainable palm oil soaps are made from soap base made in Malaysia (for example), melted down and packaged here, and voilà - Australian made soap.  Even if the palm oil can be verified as actually genuinely sustainable, companies producing it often have interests in palm oil plantations in the Congo or the Amazon Rainforest basin where sustainability is not even an issue.  And where's the ethical commitment to a sustainable product there?

So, as  say, outrage.  And then I decided to learn how to make my own soap and to be able to control everything that goes into it.  I was entranced after the very first batch I ever made, and I have never lost that sense of wonderment and delight.